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VAT Implementation Service in Bahrain

With the VAT implementation in Bahrain from 1st January 2019 onwards, all companies are required to register and comply with all the VAT requirements. VAT is an indirect tax which is charged at every level supply of goods or services or both. All businesses need to take necessary steps for VAT implementation in Bahrain. The challenge for the business community in Bahrain is to understand the new VAT Law and to comply and implement in their business.

We, Emirates Chartered Accountants offer support to the businesses for VAT implementation in Bahrain. Our tax specialists will help you to plan an effective approach in every aspect of your business and minimize the risk and thereby eliminating penalties due to non-compliance of VAT Law.

What are the Steps to be involved while implementing VAT?

• Understanding the business model.
• Analyzing the taxability on transactions.
• Training to the Management & Employees.
• Analyzing the impact of VAT on your business.
• Supply Chain Impact assessment & restructuring.
• Registration for VAT.
• Accounting systems under VAT.
• Invoicing under VAT.
• IT Migration.
• Guidance and support for filing of first VAT Return.

With our vast experiences in the field of Indirect Tax, we serve all our clients with the VAT Implementation in Bahrain. We support and give advice to clients by analyzing the impact of VAT on the business. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group believe that with a proper understanding of law and implanting the regulatory practices in business will enable industries to brace the impact of VAT steadily.

We assure the best VAT Implementation Services across the Kingdom of Bahrain and the UAE. Emirates Chartered Accountants & Its Associate Professional Firms (Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) are ISO 9001-2008 Certified International Chartered Accountants Firms and is headquartered in Dubai with its branches over the Emirate, Bahrain, UK & India. The inception of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group was marked in the year 2005, backed by a team of highly qualified professionals in the services that are provided.

Our Tax services in the UAE are as mentioned below:

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For VAT in Bahrain
Bichin Raj
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For VAT in UAE
CA. Manu
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