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Emirates Chartered Accountants & Its Associate Professional Firms (Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) are ISO 9001-2015Certified International Chartered Accountants Firms having offices across GCC countries. Emirates Chartered Accountants WLL is one of the member firms leading TAX, Auditing & Management Consultancy firms in Bahrain providing services to all sizes of businesses from SME’s to multinationals.

15 + Years of Experience

Since 2005, with our rich experience within the auditing, accounting & management consultancy industry, we own elite reputation for the services we provide.

100+ Proffessionals

The team possesses highly qualified Business Management professionals and Chartered Accountants having experience in different industries of the region.

Budget Friendly Service

Each and every service that we provide is tailor-made with a customer-centric approach by focusing on the precision of only what is required.

Our ExpertiseAmong the top listed financial auditors and VAT consultants in Manama, Bahrain,
Emirates Chartered Accountants Group has gained immense respect and popularity in the various services we offer.


Reliable Auditors in Bahrain

Being one of the leading audit firms in Bahrain, Emirates Chartered Accountants WLL ensures that the internal audit process for helping the organization or customer to achieve their objectives, purposes as well as mission and vision. Normally internal auditors are considered as the employees of the organization. We as an auditing company will work as good as an employee for our client to meet their requirement.

Our audit services include

VAT in Bahrain

Bahrain VAT Services

Bahrain has entered into the world of Value Added Tax (VAT) from 1st January 2019. VAT in Bahrain has led all businesses in facing several challenges while implementation and its execution.

Bahrain VAT services we offer,

Accounting Services Bahrain

Accounting & Bookkeeping services Bahrain

In Regular Accounting Service Emirates Chartered Accountants shall update all your business financial transactions in the accounting software and shall provide periodical reports as required.

Accounting & Bookkeeping services we offer,

Management Consultancy Service in Bahrain

Management Consultancy Service in Bahrain

An expert’s advice is always beneficial to take in order to make substantial progress in today’s competitive and strategic business world. Business Advisory Services can be given at different levels from start-ups to well-established entities. Emirates Chartered Accountants provides business of Consulting services and solutions to start-ups as well as established companies and organizations.

Our management consultancy service includes.

Latest News

  • VAT treatment for retail concession stores

    VAT treatment for retail concession stores. We often come across shops within a shop. That is the process of one company selling its products in the outlet of another company. Some retail stores allow other retailers to open concessions within their stores. The retailers opening concessions within the host store will be referred to as

    June 28, 2021
  • How to Apply for a Tax Residency Certificate in Bahrain?

    What is a Certificate of Residence (COR)? A tax residency certificate is an official document issued by the government of a country o confirm that the applicant is a resident of the country for tax purposes. How to obtain a tax residency certificate in Bahrain? In the Kingdom of Bahrain, the tax residency certificate is

    June 14, 2021
  • VAT Treatment on Adjustments Made to the Consideration

    VAT treatment on adjustments made to the consideration On the sale of a product or service which is subject to VAT at 5% as per the Bahrain VAT Law, the VAT payer will need to identify the value on which VAT rate at 5% is to be applied. The remuneration received against a supply on

    May 19, 2021
  • Which Companies are Liable to Register for Excise Tax Bahrain?

    Excise Tax in Bahrain Excise Tax is an indirect tax levied by the Bahrain government on goods that are considered harmful to human health or the environment. The basic reason for implementing Excise Tax is to reduce the consumption of these goods, raising income for the government that can be spent for the public. In

    May 6, 2021


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