Back Log Accounting Services

Back Log Accounting Services in Bahrain

There are times when businesses do not maintain their books of accounts, expenses and transactions. But it is very important and necessary for any Business to have the transactions recorded/ booked. Backlog Accounting Services shall support Business or Organization to maintain their books of accounts.

How is Backlog Accounting helpful?

A company’s accounting information must identify the transactional value of backlog, cost and revenue. Updating of backlog information in the accounting software/system will help the business or organization to get the correct view of the state of affairs of the company/business. Up-to-date information in system can help to track the differences in inventory. This can serve as a tool to gauge the contribution/ gross margin of the business or product.

What details are required for Backlog Accounting?

Backlog accounting requires all the copies of your business transactions which include sales invoices, purchase invoices, payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, petty cash expenses, bank statements, cheque counterfoils, bank transfer copies etc.

Professionals from Emirates Chartered Accountants Group will support the clients by preparing and maintaining their books of accounts and recording all transactions affected for business.

Emirates Chartered Accountants & Its Associate Professional Firms (Emirates Chartered Accountants Group) are ISO 9001-2008 Certified International Chartered Accountants Firms and is headquartered in Dubai with its branches in over the Emirate, Bahrain, UK & India. The inception of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group was marked in the year 2005, backed by a team of highly qualified professionals in the services that we provide.

Our Accounting Services in UAE are as mentioned below:

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